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Stok Kangri - 6140 meters

Stok Kangri or Kanglachen is one of the most popular trekking peaks in the Indian Himalayas and its ... more

Lungser Kangri - 6666 meters

Lungser Kangri is named after the River by the same name which drains into the Tsomoriri Lake in the... more

Chamser Kangri - 6622 meters

Chamser Kangri is located near Tsomoriri Lake in Ladakh which is the third highest peak in Ladakh. T... more

Go-Leb Kangri Ladakh

Go-Leb in Ladakhi means 'flathead' and this peaks summit is exactly that. The last st... more

Matho West - 6230 meters

Close to Leh this peak is better known as Matho Kangri, Matho being the village below it. We ... more

Mentok Kangri 6227 meters

This is a lovely peak on a long ridge running south from Korzok village on the shores of the ... more

Kangyatse Expedition 6200m

Kangyatze is one of the famous spot for mountaineers and the adventurous people. The peak is ... more

Stok Kangri Expedition 2018 (OELMEX)

This climb to the magical Stok Kangri will provide you with a thrilling adventure, trekking throug... more

White Water Rafting on Indus & River Rafting in Zanskar

The trip begins with a flight over the Himalayas into the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. Couple o... more

Short time Rafting Grade I

Experience splendid and thrilling white water rafting in the parts of Northern India with us and tak... more