Dubai is an emirate in the United Arab of Emirates known for its luxury and tourism. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it has become one of the most populous cities of the UAE. Burj Khalifa, the tallest infrastructure in the whole world is one of its major attractions and its lighting on different occasions often captures the attention of world media. Historically Dubai consisted of fishing communities and with the upcoming age, it grew to be a major trading centre. And till date Dubai has succeeded in keeping its name high among the trading centres and it is very popular for its shopping centers. Many of the Bollywood stars keep Dubai on their top list for shopping and even property dealing. The official state religion is Islam but due to its expansion of trade and oil, it has seen a huge influx of immigrant workers therefore Dubai also holds different communities belonging to different ethnicities and religions.

The winter months are the best time to visit Dubai since it is a desert city, the summers get intolerably hot for the tourists. The World Expo 2020 was supposed to be held in Dubai which got postponed under the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now Dubai is all set to hold the World Expo between 1st October 2021 and 1st March 2022. The World Expo aims at bringing world’s governments, companies and people to share their ideas that range from food, entertainment, technology, events etc. This is for the first time that such an event will be occurring in the Middle East. There is a whole lot of demand for tickets to Expo 2020 Dubai. The city has a long history in becoming what it is today, so naturally its art and culture have progressed along with its time. The city itself presents as an art to any outsider with its modern infrastructures amidst all the sandy desert. Beyond its beaches and shopping centers, Dubai is all about experience. Dubai offers a lot of adventurous activities such as deep diving at Deep Dive Dubai, jet skiing at the Nemo WaterSports, experiencing desert at an eco-friendly resort Sonara Camp, viewing a 360° observation deck at Palm Jumeirah etc.