Srilanka is a tropical country located in the Indian Ocean to the South of India. The country has shared a lot more than its geographical proximity with India, the two countries are woven tightly throughout history and also in the mythological epic such as “the Ramayana”. It has a rich historical background from the last 3000 years . Buddhism took roots very early in this island and the fourth Buddhist Council is believed to have held here in 29 B.C.E. Even today, the majority of its population are Buddhists.The non-Buddhist population mainly consists of the Tamils, who are considered to be the descendants of the Indian Tamils and till date they have conserved their ethnicity & culture well. Other than rich history and cultural heritage, the island offers exquisite beaches since it has a coastline of over 1600km. Some of its popular beaches are Arugam bay, Unawatuna beach, Hikkaduwa beach etc. These beaches are known for their water sports such as water-surfing, speed boating, parasailing etc. The country is also popular among the tourists for its food culture since it has a long history of its indigenous spices. And it is also rich in wildlife therefore it has another spectrum for tourism. People from all over the world travel to Sri Lanka to experience its unique wildlife from both land and water. The land offers 26 national parks with exquisite wild mammals, reptiles and birds such as leopards, crocodiles, golden jackals, sloth bear, hawk eagle, serpent eagle etc. The Pigeon island attracts tourists for its marine life like 100 species of colourful coral, different species of different fishes. The seas of Kalpitiya are famous for watching whales during the peak months between January and March. Due to its unique geography, the island serves as home ground for different trek routes and hiking trails.