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About Rajasthan Holidays Packages

Rajasthan Holidays Packages Rajasthan,the land of Rajputs who ruled this land for thousands of years. This Desert State was once a collection of Princely Kingdom where Feudal Traditions still carry on amidst Forts and Palaces.'Rajasthan is where all the country's smiles and metaphors appear to have come together to create a visual extravaganza'. Rajasthan is bordered by Punjab in the north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the north-eastern side, Madhya Pradesh on the eastern side, Gujrat in South and by Pakistan in West.

The areas of Rajasthan show great variation within the state. Mughals destroyed most of the sculptures and cultural pieces of ancient period.But many structures built in 10th to 15th centuries are well preserved till now and many of them are converted into Hotels.A bewitching land with so much to cater-exquisite monuments, magnificent forts and palaces, colorful fairs and festivals,beautiful gardens, Lakes,Wildlife etc. Travelling too is a bliss in Rajasthan because of availability of Modern means of transportation which includes Modern air and train services, deluxe coaches and Chauffeur driven cars. A few hours journey from Delhi to Rajasthan through dull desserts suddenly unleash history as you enter Pink City of Jaipur adorned with magnificent architectures from the bygone era, the overall ambiance is magical. There is no parallel to the heritage in the world that still resound in its folklores, music, swirling skirt dances of women and men holding swords in colorful attires all in the backdrop of strong forts perched on Aravali hills with lakes below. Taking camel, elephant or horse safari in this land filled with stories about kings and princes is truly a royal experience.