Ladakh Sarai Resort

Mud House
Mud House
Wake up in the warm reverie of your mud-house that retains both traditional Ladhaki architecture while ensuring that its resident experiences a warm, soothing sense of comfort during their stay. It includes an en-suite bathroom, a 24/7 intercom and LCD, among other facilities. Step out and let the serene views surrounding you render you breathless.
Heritage Wing
Heritage Wing
A luxury property that is steeped in history and representative of Ladhaki tradition and culture in its architecture and style, with its own private dining room that overlooks an apple orchard and the outline of the Stok Range. The Heritage is a bungalow with three luxury rooms that include en-suite bathrooms.
The grounds of Ladakh Sarai are now home to a fresh new building, built with the intention of recreating the sarai experience. During your stay here, this intimately luxurious Duplex offers a unparalleled view of The Stok mountain range and overlooks the village of Saboo. Rise at the light of dawn to a sunrise with beautiful Himalayan hues while you enjoy a warm cup of tea in bed. Stay here with family and close ones to have the best that Ladakh has to offer!
Dining & Food
Dining & Food
Farms cover major area in Sarai where we cultivate vegetables and fruits for a fresh from farm menu. We subtly engage you in the traditions of Ladakh and give you a sense of this ecological paradise. We give profound and generous sustenance in different styles, we are not bound by cooking but rather we tackle the highlights of different foods to do our nourishment. The village adjacent goes with our gesture and takes the solid method for living. Our vegetable and non – meat wastes from the kitchen encourages the village to nourish the strongholds while we get dairy and few farm items from them. Chansa “Chansa – Communal dining space” is the primary eating corridor in Sarai. We have the motivation of our food from the schedule of the entire world and fresh produce from the farm. We serve you with breakfast, lunch and supper that are additionally setup with the “High Tea” and “In Room Dining”. Experience the evergreen flavors in the traditional style cooking. We additionally keep our appointments open for private feasting or any little assembling. Hornbill The first of its kind northeast Nagaland cuisine restaurant in the the Ladakh region. The hornbill provides a sumptuous Naga thali ( A complete meal with various dished served on a large plate). Come experience the exotic flavours of Nagaland. Syah “Syah” brings out the best of our chefs. The dinner specific restaurant gives you a sturdy sense of time where menu continues changing according to the season and availability of the ingredients locally. “Syah” takes you around Ladakh with its food culture and the contemporary cuisine approach. The cuisine of “Syah” comes out from the ingredients growing in the wild. Get yourself a reserved booking and we shall accommodate you in the finest of gastronomic experience.








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