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Chamser Kangri Expeditions - August 2008 - September 15, 2008
When I started planning our journey in Ladakh and choose to go with your agency Overland Escape, I had already a good feeling after a few exchanged e-mails. I must say that this good feeling stayed all the time we were in Ladakh. With your help and the help of all the members of your staff, especially our guide mister Tsering Namgyal, we had a wonderfull time in Ladakh ! Although our group was very large (18 persons) the organisation of the very beautiful trekking and the climbing part of the Chamser Kangri, was outstanding! The food was very good, we had good tents and the helpers were all very helpful and very friendly people. Also the last part of our journey of 31 days was well organised by you: 2 days bij jeeps from Rumtse to Manali and then bij good airco coach bus to Dharamsala, Amritsar and back to Delhi: it was sometimes tiring, but we will never forget the beautiful scenery along the way ! It is very likely we will come back within a few years and you may be sure that we will again contact your very reliable agency ! Please do find hereby a selection of photo's taken by the group and the exepdition report I send to IMF a few days ago. With my very best regards...

Walter De Bruyne

Ladakh Expedition, March 29 to April 22, 2007 - March 10, 2008
This was a hugely successful expedition. Feedback from parents during this last week has been wholeheartedly positive and has expressed a lot of gratitude for the wonderful opportunity we gave to the pupil participants. Maybe I should start with a few short quotes from participants: 'I have seen and experienced things that I am certain I shall never forget'. 'This trip will stay with me for the rest of my life' 'This incredible trip was a once-in a lifetime chance and I have enjoyed every moment of it'. 'This trip was the most amazing experience of my life' I will certainly never forget the experiences, the views and the comradeship that I have enjoyed'. The Transport went very smoothly throughout. The flights were efficient and on time. Ladakh flights are, of course, dependent on weather conditions, but we managed to get to our destination reasonably on time in both directions. Local transport had been very efficiently organised by Tundup Dorjey, who leads ôOverland Escape', the local outfit we used. The cultural programme in Ladakh was very successful, at least partly due to an excellent guide, who could really give us insight into the Ladakhi way of life and its religious background. The Ladakhi cultural evening with songs and traditional dances on our last evening in Leh was also really appreciated. The trek was brilliantly organised by Tundup, the guide and support team were excellent and we were really well looked after throughout. Food was of a very high quality both in the Lotus Hotel in Leh and during the trek. As a consequence, there were only a few cases of (thankfully short-term) sickness. Very importantly, the weather was very kind to us. After some snow on our first day in Leh, the weather cleared and for 10 days on the trek it was absolutely brilliant. As we had clear sunshine on all high days on the trek, the views and the light were absolutely stunning. When there was some rain and more cloud on the last day of the trek, it did not ...

Edwin Gruber, St Christopher School, England

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek in 2004 - February 23, 2008
Tundup Dorjey (Overland) arranged the trek from Lamayuru to Darcha for a very fair price. Also to climb Stok Khangri in 3 days. I can only say, he is a very good tourist manager. Very helpful in every aspect. I can only recommend him and his services. I will come back. Thanks to all...

Peter, Germany
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