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Markha Valley trek is a delight and there could be no better operator than Overland Escape.

Dear Mr Tundup,

We attended the Markha Valley trek organised by your team in June 2010 (well before the floods). Hats off to your team comprising of Tsering (guide), Tulap (Cook), Stinzin (Helper) and two horsemen. They were very helpful and hospitable. Special mention ought to be made of Tsering, who was always at our side during the trek.

The trek itself was rather arduous, covering a distance of over 130 kms spread out over 7-8 days. Little did we know about this - we were under the impression that this was one of the easier treks, albeit a little long. But, I must say we made the most of it and had a jolly good time too.

We had some wonderful sightings during the trek comprising of marmots, mountain deer (they zip past you) and a whole range of avian species. We saw very many monasteries too and rested at a wide range of "parachute" restaurants.

But, what took our breath away was the trek itself - the landscapes were straight out of a postcard. At times, when the going got tough, all I needed to do was look around and boy, was i motivated then.

At the end of a hard day's trek, it was a most pleasurable and welcome sight to gaze upon our quaint little blue tent in the midst of a valley. As soon as we arrived, tea and juice used to be served on a little table followed by a hot meal later - it was truly luxury in the middle of abject wilderness.

A memorable moment was when I heard heavy rain pattering on the roof of our tent one night. Next morning, I peep out and was delighted to see a thick layer of snow all across the valley - a sight I will remember forever.

Mr Tundup, special thank you to as well - your guidance as what equipment to carry for the trek indeed served us well - especially over the tall passes of Ganda La and Khardung La.

I could go on writing forever over - but the underlying message is that the Markha Valley trek is a delight (though long) and there could be no better operator than Overland Escape - Kudos to Mr Tundup and his team - for the life of me, I cant think of a single occasion where they put a foot wrong. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

 Vijai jayaram Vijai jayaram
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