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Chumathang to Yaya Tso Trek

Chumathang to Yayatso trek is High Altitude Trek and a Challenging one. The main focus of the trek is the Beautiful Landscapes, Peaks, People Villages and High Altitude Lake.

Tour Route

Leh / Chumathang / Gangra / Sumdo / Phayalung / Yayatso / Mahe / Leh

Tour Program

Duration of Trek:            06 Days.
Best Time:                 Mid June to September.  
Highest Point:                Choku La (5,560m)
Focus:                    Landscape, Peaks, People Villages and High Altitude Lake
Highlight:                Chumathang Hotspring, Chokula High peaks & Pass, Nomads and Yaya Tso
Physical Challenge:         High Altitude Trek, Challenging
Day 1: Drive by car from Leh to Chumathang.
The pleasant drive along the Indus takes 3,5 – 4 hrs. Chumathang is famous for its Hot Springs. People come visit here for medical treatment or to wash their laundry. The village of Chumathang is located 2 km further west from the Hot Springs with a pleasant campground at a big farmhouse. You can either visit the monastery (characterization of monastery?) in the afternoon or in the morning. It is 20 min by walk from the camping

Day 2: Trek Chumathang to Gangra, 5 hrs.
Set off in Chumathang, 4.050 m, walk through the village and follow up the valley north. The path is easy to find as many shepherds use this trail to go for the high pastures with their animals. You will find some of their places on their way. Also it is very likely to see some wildlife as marmots and blue sheep. As one treks up following the Chumathang river there is no scarcity of water and plenty of camping possibilities. Our choice Gangra is located at 4.630 m with fine scenery.

Day 3: Trek Gangra to Sumdo, 4 hrs.
Today is just a short walking-day, but you won't regret it as the camping is set in such a fine scenery, that one has enough time to explore it or just relax in the sun. The trail leads still along the Chumathang River from 4.630 m up to 5.140 m. Sumdo, the goal of the day, is a junction of three valleys. As oxygen is getting less, one has to walk very slowly. But time enough to spot some of the many marmots and maybe some Kyangs. Sumdo is also a favorite place for big herds of Yak.

Day 4: Trek Sumdo over Choku-la to Phayalung, 8 hrs.
As this is quite a tough day as one has to cross the 5.560 m high pass Choku-la, it is advised to start early in the morning. We climb over a ridge and follow the high valley to the east of Sumdo, reach an even higher valley and find a small and unremarkable pass without prayerflags in the very east of this valley. This is the highest point of this trekking and one has a superb view along the surrounding mountains and valley. After that it goes slowly down, plateau after plateau, each being dominated by a beautiful lake. First it is Sengnapo-Tso on 5.460 m, then xxx on 5.310 m and followed by xxx on 5.300 m. We have to climb over a ridge again to finally reach a shepherds place at 5.200 m, which is fine for a camping.

Day 5: Trek Phayalung to Yayatso, 5 hrs.
While walking further down, one passes several shepherds places, walks along a refreshing river crosses a desert-plateau with a big Lhato and reaches a small lake with a gorge on the left side. Passing this gorge one gets a fine view to the big blue Yayatso with its surrounding short meadows, grazing goats and yaks and the small village of Yaya, containing of seven houses, on the east side of the high valley. Situated on 4.700 m the Yayatso is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Changthang area. Camp next to one of the several small rivers leading to Yayatso and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with men and animals living adjusted to natures conditions.

Day 6: Drive to Mahe
One could trek over another 4.800 m pass to Mahe, but as there is a road, it is nicer to set off by car. On the way to Mahe visit the famous nunnery with more than 100 nuns and in Mahe the monastery. In Mahe you have the choice to go on further into Changthang area either to newly opened area of Nyoma and Muth and/or Tsomoriri/Tsokar Lakes or directly back to Leh.

Trek end.

See what our Customers say about Chumathang to Yaya Tso Trek

I have travelled with teams of Overland Escape on 6 occasions now and every single time the experience was wholeheartedly positive. On two occasions, Tundup organised lengthy treks through remote parts of Ladakh, Zanskar and Nubra and his organisation was absolutely reliable and spot on on every occasion. The trekking teams we travelled with were excellent, the food outstanding and the support available whenever it was needed. We were trekking during the floods in Summer 2010 in Zanskar and Changtang, and were, ultimately, the only trekking group that reached Tso Moriri during the middle of August, in the week just after the flooding. This was due to the competence of our guide, Namgyal, who changed our route to enable us to proceed, who knew exactly where to cross the swollen rivers and who kept us completely safe at all times. On 4 occasions, Overland Escape organised Easter expeditions through the Markha Valley for relatively large school groups. This, of course, needed extraordinarily good organisation, and on each occasion, this was exactly what we got. Not only were all timings kept and all information was relevant and 100% reliable, the trekking teams Tundup organised for us, were amongst the best teams I have ever travelled with. In particular, Namgyal is in all likelihood the best guide I have ever trekked with. His knowledge of the region, its culture and wildlife is outstanding, and he is also an excellent travel companion. He can empathise with and enthuse adults and youngsters to the same degree. Overland Escape certainly is one of the best trekking outfits I have come across in the Himalayas or indeed anywhere in the world (I have also trekked in Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Peru and Jordan). I would wholeheartedly recommend travelling with this organisation.

Edwin Gruber

"Tundup, have really a sixth sense...his associate in Manali (Kuram) is really a good man...a really good man where you can trust and give the full faith for everything. As already said, Tundup, know very well how to choice his partners. Concerning the driver choose by Kuram for the transfer from Manali to Dharmasala and then to Amritsar...he was a very good professional driver. All of us were surprise to find out in India a special driver, very professional, very polite...typical western style driver. Few words, always agree for everything, never complain and at the end he wanted to refuse our tips and we forced him to have it. I don't know if this choice has been affected by Tundup or by Kuram...but in any case...compliments to all of you. Now we are here into our house, very sad...our holiday has finished so quickly that we didn't realize. Everything has gone well, everything perfect. We'll be always in debit with Tundup for his great service and we really hope to see him again in a close future for another trekking. Thanks again for all, thanks for your book guide and for your full assistance."

Fausto & Silvia, Italy

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