A journey with Overland Escape and Chadar trek

A journey with Overland Escape and Chadar trek
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Date : 18 Jan 2019
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With a curious urge to see the mountains and to have a wonderful experience with Ladakhi culture and people, Monique Curto and Walter Curto from France visited Ladakh for the first time in 1978. They started doing Chadar trek ten years ago and they have done Chadar trek three times with Overland Escape. The first time they had done short trek from Chilling to Lingshed they were fascinated by the trek and then they decided to do something stronger. They contacted many agencies and Overland Escape was the only agency who was able to answer their questions. Overland Escape arranged the Chadar trek from Chilling, Lingshed, Karsha, Kangyetse-Markha valley. According to them, the Chadar trek arranged by Overland Escape was something different and unique. When asked about what differences they noticed from the first time they went on Chadar trek to now in terms of trashes found, they said that they found less tin and plastics the last time they went on Chadar trek. They had described Chadar trek experience as a wonderful one. They have also recommended Chadar trek to their friends and colleagues. They said that the rules and regulations set up are a good thing for those doing Chadar trek. They feel that one should do Chadar trek at least once in a lifetime. They also expressed that they had a good experience with Overland Escape.

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