Indus River Rafting

Indus River Rafting
Author : Overland Escape
Date : 05 Jun 2017
Categories: Rafting

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventure, be it on road, mountains, forest, and on land or river. So let’s gear up this summer for some wet and wild adventure, taste the thrilling Indus River rafting. To tell you the gist, The Indus River, locally known as the Singhey Khahabs (out Of lion’s mouth, flows across the North West to the south east passing through Ladakh and flows into Pakistan where it is joined by Shayok and Suru to become the historical Indus River. The very peak season to accomplish this awesome venture is during June till the end of August. There will be various types of rafting mainly on the basis of its toughness and rapids you would be getting whilst rafting. Also with family one can experience rafting. River Rafting gives you a thrilling experience and the opportunity to play with cool Himalayan water, you can feel the currents and the natural beauty in the surroundings. We provide rafting ranging in difficulties from grade 1 to 5.There will be five routes to do the rafting, out of which Upshi to Kharu and Stakna to Choglamsar is categories into special route, not available but we provide it for the people who want to discover the path least traveled. Well it is said that no task is easy without trying it, but in rafting case, one should keep safety in your mind, like stairs we should start from the ground (easy) level to reach to the top (challenging) one. Since the white water Indus has rapids generally from 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 rapids at some places, so the following program tells you what you and your family should prefer for your safety and to live in the excitement all together. 1: Chilling to Sangam this route mostly consist of Grade/ Level 3 and 4, consuming 30 km in 3 hrs. This rafting will be a challenging and tough one. So in that case this route is for experienced rafter. 2: Scorpochey to Sangam - this route mostly consist of Grade/ Level 3, consuming 17 km in 2hrs. Well this route is also for adult and experienced rafters. 3: Tsogsto to Sangam; this route mostly consist of Grade 1+, consumes 8km in 1hour. In this route everyone can easily hop up on the boat to experience the thrill of currents. In this route one can happily raft with the whole family but the kids above 12 are only eligible to do the rafting. 4: Phey to Sangam - this route mainly consist of Grade/level 2 and 3, consumes 32 km in 2 and half hours. Well this route is favorable for adults.

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