Pangong Lake: A gift from nature

Pangong Lake: A gift from nature
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Date : 04 Mar 2019
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Beholding the sturdy mountains, Pangong Lake is situated at a height of about 4350 metres. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and wonderful creations on earth that you would want to visit at least once in a lifetime. It extends from India to Tibet and is a tourist destined place in Ladakh. It’s a place that blooms with tourists and provides you an exotic vista. Although it mostly remains blue in colour, it changes its colour to green and sometimes reddish. The distance from Leh to Pangong Lake is about 140 km and it can be reached in 4 to 5 hours. And the distance from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake is about 150 km and it can be reached in 6 to 7 hours from Nubra Valley. You must visit this lake if you have chosen Ladakh as your next destination. You can take a lot of photographs and plant a wonderful memory there. You cannot miss the opportunity to greet nature and experience the unexplored.

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