Mountain Biking Tour

Mountain Biking Tour
Author : admin
Date : 24 Jun 2017
Categories: Road Trip

Enjoy the thrill of riding bicycle with the view passing by as the scorching sun teases by the wind whilst you paddle your cycle. How interesting is that to workout way too much for a day by visiting temples, monasteries, and to get to know about the places itself is an enjoyment yet a productive journey on road to you. As you ride from Manali to Leh, the surprises you get on your journey will definitely leave you in awe, at Manali you will do the sightseeing and visit temples too; when you headed to Lahaul valley you will see Mani Walls, Prayer Flags which clearly gives you the feel of Buddhist culture. Because this is the gift of your journey you can actually capture it and take it to the days of your life as a memory and turning it into a treasure of your life. When you reach the high heights you gotta consume more tea and water, as it helps in acclimatization. Your ride won’t be an easy one, because you will be going to visit the highest passes namely Khardungla (5606m), so to make it go smooth you need to acclimatize and challenge the height. The moment of pride and achievement is always the sweetest thing ever and I am sure you won’t do it with you getting height sickness. Taste the thrilling excitement alongside the challenge of height with fuller preparations. Not only that you will be visiting Leh City and get expose to the local market and its people. In the mountain biking tour you will also do rafting from Chilling to Nimoo, well that sets a whole package for you to not only taste the wind, scorching sun, people, monasteries and temples, but also the Indus River rafting. You can also visit Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri Lake and Nubra Valley, be there to witness the changing color of Pangong Lake and see the desert view of Nubra. So this whole journey on your bike will lead you to so many places and you will be left spellbound owing to its beauty, history and the local inhabitant.

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