Srinagar Leh Route

Srinagar Leh Route
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Date : 22 Mar 2018
Categories: Road Trip
In Ladakh, by road has become a very crucial lifeline for the local people in serving the basic needs and it has also played a vital role in welcoming tourists around the world. Giving a whole new picture of landscape on road tripping is always worth the challenge and serves as fruit of knowledge to the eyes of wanderer. In Ladakh we have two route through which by road trip is taken by both insider and outsider in Ladakh. One is from Kashmir Valley via kargil is approx. 434 km; the other route to Leh is from Manali highway with 474Km long. The Srinagar to Leh road remains opens by the second week of May and last year in 2017 the highway opened on the first week of May. Apparently this year, due to less snowfall in all over the Himalayas, the road is said to be open at the end of March. The most dramatic part of this road is the ascent up to 11,500ft/3,484m high Zojila, the pass in the Great Himalayan Wall that serves as the gateway to Ladakh. Though the Status is officially not declared, but BRO has started the snow clearance operations from Gagangeer village about 18 kms from Sonamarg, and expected that they had cleaned 12 Kms stretch after a week or so, but there will be sure challenges awaited at Zojila Pass in clearing the snow. Once the road is opened if weather permits, then it is good for both the insider and outsider too. But please keep in mind that even when this road is open early, it needs at least couple of weeks to settle from initial snow sliding that happens after melting of snow. So, do not rush and avoid any unforeseen mishaps for your safety.
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