Motor Bike Tour

Motor Bike Tour
Author : Rinchen Dolma
Date : 17 Jun 2017
Categories: Road Trip

If you wish to see the beauty of Ladakh and its people, try something different. This time grab a bike and lead it to where you like, as you ride your bike you will not only drink the wind, but the view too into your eyes that might ask you to stop by and see more of it, know more and who knows you might end up composing poem or a short story in praise of the person you love, an ode to the nature you feel you got smitten with just a glimpse of its beauty. But fear you not; you will be completely shielded to this venture with supporting vehicle, experienced guide alongside to give you the best information by keeping your safety at priority. But you shall not miss the excitement yet the challenges on bikes whilst you cross the world top two highest passes. The spectacular views of snow capped mountains, rugged terrain will surely live you in awe. As for us we provide motor bike tour from Manali to Leh, Leh to Manali and Ladakh Bike tour. So, as you can see that we are not only giving you the opportunity to ride in Leh only but to Manali as well. In this venture you can not only see the view, but you can visit monasteries, lakes, and do not miss the chance to ride the double hump camel in Nubra.

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