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Date : 21 Jan 2020
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An extremely glamorous trek, Chadar trek is one of the most thrilling yet a challenging one for the trekkers in Ladakh because of its temperature which during the winter drops down to minus 5 to 40 degrees, but nobody can deny the sheer beauty of this region.

We provide the best Chadar trek packages for you, here as follows


01: Leh-Chilling-Lingshed-Chilling-Leh (11N/12D)


02: Leh to Chilling to Karsha to Chilling to Leh (16N / 17D)


03: Karsha return from Zangla by snow trek via Charchar La (Jung Lam) (23N/24D)


04: Leh-Chilling to Phuktal to Leh (22N/23D)



Dos and Don’ts for Chadar Trek

? On arrival please rest for 24 hrs, as you are traveling to high Altitude from Low, due to low oxygen.

? Have plenty of drinking water or any kind of liquid (except alcohol)

? Please cooperate with the localities, potters, guide, cook and driver as they of more helpful during trek.

? Room heaters at hotel are LPG heater, so it is advised not to be used on first day of the Tour, as the body needs to acclimatize to Lower oxygen Level.

? Transits between two destinations depend upon weather and road conditions.

? Ladakh is a polythene free region; make sure not to use any polythene when not necessary. 

? Do not contaminate the area by not disposing the waste properly.

? Leave your denims behind – these are ill suited for treks. Snacks, colas, alcohol and personal food – No need to overburden yourself with food

? Don’t get any equipment. We would carry Alpine tents, ice-axes, and other equipment required for such treks.

? After packing, weigh your gear. It should be in the range of 10-15 kg – preferably on the lighter side. Anything heavier, you will need to iterate and remove what is not essential.

? Carry light and what is essential. As an example, toothpaste should be bought in small size (that can last you 10 days). Do not plan for “if” situations. The list of things mentioned here are exactly what you need and nothing more.

? Medicines of all kinds are usually available in local pharmacies with no prescription necessary. Check expiration dates.


Things you must carry:

? Clothing (Heavy Warm Feather Jacket, Warm philes jacket, woolen and wind prof gloves , Warm hat, woolen Socks, Warm Wind prove Touser, Sweaters etc)

? Trekking shoes (Water proof).

? Sun glass with UV Protection 

? Torch with extra batteries.

? Sun Screen lotion and cold cream.

? Sleeping bag for – 25.

? Light towel (should be thin, quick drying kind).

? Chapstick or lip balm

? Water bottles. The insulated water bottles are good but even normal water bottles will suffice.

? Camera, memory-cards, batteries etc (carry enough spare batteries. Electricity is not available on the slopes)

? Personal toiletries/wind cheater/Tissue rolls.

? If available than Pair of walking sticks.

? An identification card (like driving license, voters ID card etc), along with a photocopy



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