Tour to Zanskar via Kargil

Tour to Zanskar via Kargil
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Date : 14 Oct 2017
Categories: Adventure
Within five days we have ventured for tour to Zanskar via Kargil. Our journey starts with a very smooth ride, having breakfast at Nimoo which is 28kms away from Leh. At Nimoo there are plenty of restaurant to suffice your hunger with Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. During our travel we pass into several villages. After 8 hours journey we finally reached kargil, it was already too dark to see anything, only the light of the city makes the surrounding brighter and alive. After a night rest, at around 6 in the morning we left for Zanskar. To tell you the truth the path leading to Zanskar was not that easy at all, the road is a complete disaster, literally so bumpy and dusty too, but the company matters and obviously the destination too. Almost after 13 hours’ drive we finally reached Zanskar and the weather there is bit more chill and windy than Kargil. Before reaching Padum, the main city of Zanskar we happen to see so many villages. The place literally looks forlorn but it has its own beauty to arrest the eyes of traveller, to experience an authentic village life one must visit those villages. They were very small in number, but connected to each other. Be it for adventure or for pilgrim, this place offers both. But fear you not; the basic needs are all available at Padum. It is a bit hustle bustle in the noon time, because people from villages either come to do their day work or to do home shopping at Padum. At Padum there are plenty of guest house and restaurant to offer you the best stay after a daylong sojourn in and around Zanskar for pilgrims or to sightseeing and getting to know the authentic village lifestyle. In summer this place offers you a complete magical view filled with greeneries, flowers and home grown vegetables, yet in winter people venture for thrilling Chadar trek.
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