Mountaineering to Himalaya

Mountaineering to Himalaya
Author : Rinchen Dolma
Date : 04 Aug 2017
Categories: Adventure

Little did we all know about our exact time to say adios to the earth, but what can we do to make this life more magical and worthy? So be it, invest yourself to travelling, road tripping, meet people from different background, make friends and be adventurous. Ladakh is an ideal place to explore with friends, family, also solitary traveller would crown some new names to the place, and the place itself might become dear to your heart. Ladakh is a mountaineer delight with several mountain ranges all acr0ss the region. There is all kind of mountaineering from easy and moderate one for the beginners and tougher one for the experienced and gutted mountaineers. It is so sure that, reaching the peak you will be completely in awe of the bird eye view of what lies beneath. The best season is generally from mid-May to mid-October. The most easily accessible is the Stok Kangri, it will take 4 to 5 days and you will encounter shepherd camps before reaching the peak. The Goleb Kangri, which literally means flat head in local language, the peak is flat too. For this expedition you would need technical skills. I recommend the experienced mountaineers to pursue this path. Not only will you be focusing on reaching the peak, you will encounter so many beauties of nature. When you choose Mentok Kangri, Mentok which literally means flower in local language. This peak is located near Korzok on the shores of Tsomoriri Lake. In July and August the entire Korzok valley is green with wild flowers giving the peak its name. Hence, while choosing Mentok Kangri, you will be seeing the beauty of famous Tsomoriri Lake, nomadic life and Korzok Monastery. So your journey has its own magic, paving more adventure in your way. The most famous of all is Kangyatse Peak 6400mt; it is higher and more elegant than the surrounding mountain ranges. The way up to the peak is much easier than the rest, once reaching at top you will be surprised by the beauty of valley lying beneath. There are many other mountaineering’s as well, but based on your strength and experience one must choose this venture. It is fully supported by experienced and professional staff.

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