Lend your curiosity to these lakes in Ladakh

Lend your curiosity to these lakes in Ladakh
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Date : 24 May 2019
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Pangong Lake


Beholding the sturdy mountains, Pangong Lake is situated at a height of about 4350 metres. It’s a place that blooms with tourists and provides you an exotic vista. Although it mostly remains blue in colour, it changes its colour to green and sometimes reddish. The distance from Leh to Pangong Lake is about 140 km and it can be reached in 4 to 5 hours. And the distance from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake is about 150 km and it can be reached in 6 to 7 hours from Nubra Valley. You must visit this lake if you have chosen Ladakh as your next destination. You can take a lot of photographs and plant a wonderful memory there.


Tsomoriri Lake


Tsomoriri is located about 240 kms away from Leh in Changthang region of Ladakh. It is one of the most beautiful and high altitude lakes in India. If you want to befriend peace and tranquility, Tsomoriri can be the right place for you to explore. Tsomoriri Lake is surrounded by hills, with the setting of beautiful snow-covered sturdy mountains. A number of species of birds such as bare-headed goose, the great-crested grebe, the Brahmin duck and the brown-headed gull, Himalayan hares are found here. Wild animals including Kiang, Nyan, Wolf, Lynx etc. dwell on the pastures around the lake.


Tso Kar Lake 


Tso Kar Lake also known as ‘White Lake’ and is situated in the Rupshu Plateau and valley in the southern part of Ladakh. It is surrounded by wetlands and lush green meadows. The lake water is brackish. The distance from Leh to Tso Kar Lake is around 135 kilometers and it can be reached within 3 hours from Leh. It has a huge variety of birds for bird watchers. There are large number of grebes and brown-headed gulls, and some strip geese, rust geese and terns. Tso Kar Lake sustains other wildlife such as Kiang, Tibetan gazelles, Tibetan wolves and others. The nomadic community of Samad-Rokchen lives in tents around the lake. Thugjay village is the main station of this nomadic community. Tsokar Lake is one of the trekking routes of Rumtse to Tsomoriri Trek. 


Yarab Tso Lake


It is situated near Sumur village, around 15 km from Diskit region in Nubra valley. Yarab Tso is one of the holiest and high altitude lakes in Nubra Valley. It is possible to reach this holy lake by walk from Panamik Village. Tourists are requested not to wash or swim in the water of this lake. It is a sacred lake and is highly revered by the locals. From Panamik you can trek towards Yarab Tso. The lake fetches a captivating vista of the surrounding that you would not want to miss.


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