Ladakh, the land that dances between mountains and lakes

Ladakh, the land that dances between mountains and lakes
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Date : 24 May 2017
Categories: Adventure
There is no better escape than a place that dances between mountains and lakes. When the weather becomes better, neither too hot nor too cold and local life becomes livelier and energized with blooming greeneries. Another chapter, another year of tourism is now growing day by day. With the changing weather, unlike other places you will see another phase of life in Ladakh, as the road to Leh has opened from Srinagar and Manali, the snow dissolves paving its way to the truck carrying vegetables and fruits for the people awaited whole winter for fresh eatables. There you can see people yet again on road. Those who adore views will definitely choose by road to reach Ladakh, there you have so much to receive and capture in your digital life. The running water, the herding of livestock animal and the peoples greeting you with their sweet gesture. That's the reason why we feel home away from home, even the slightest things whilst your travel becomes a part of you in the days of your life in future. For you shall be travelling to the place you have never been before and meeting peoples you have never met before and fall in love with the differences and celebrate the uniqueness. I would suggest choosing Manali road for the photographers, the landscape over there is much more captivating and beautiful. For the month of May, you will see tourist started coming. The major source of attraction is obviously the view you would be seeing during your tour, but the sole purpose is for you to get retreat, the taste of Ladakh through its food, traditional wear and the monasteries. Although, by air your journey is much shorter and comfortable, but by road the journey will be much longer and you will get plenty of inspiring views and little did we all know what holds during the course of our travel. There are two ways to reach Ladakh by Road, The Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation operates regular Deluxe and ordinary bus services from Srinagar to Leh. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation operates services between Delhi and Leh via Manali Road and daily services between Manali and Leh. Manali Privates Bus union also operates daily bus services between Manali and Leh, which takes two days to reach Leh after night halt at Sarchu or Darcha. Apart from the bus services you can book a taxi sharing with other travellers to reach your destination. That way you will reach according to your own wish. You can enjoy the ride alongside the view and knowledge you get from the driver about the places you would be seeing whilst in the taxi.
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