Office trip to Pangong

Office trip to Pangong
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Date : 08 Sep 2017
Categories: Adventure
This is our first tour of the year to Pangong cum visit to camps and resort located there. We kind of sniff out at each camp and resort so that we could recommend and give authentic and upgraded information to our client. Before getting into accommodation, I would share you all the interesting, wild and challenging way leading us to the famous Pangong Lake. No journey is an exciting one unless there is any challenge in it; it would be boring and monotonous otherwise. The road to Pangong is tricky because at some area it is really bumpy and smooth too at some area, but the view passes by is nonetheless the most beautiful thing you could ever witness whilst on road tripping. You would be seeing horses, Yaks, Cows and flocks of sheep grazing grasses at Durbuk and Tangtse. The mountains surround the greeneries; snake trails road, and the river running beneath the mountains. This journey is indeed the most memorable one; no wonder people always choose to visit Pangong by passing the Changla Pass which has 17,350 ft., this is the third highest Motorable road in the world. The magic is there once reaching the Lake. The Lake looks so calm yet it is very arresting, it actually looks like speaking the language of weather, language of sky and language of colors. You will be totally wowed, that you don’t bother about the cold breezy mornings wind, people sneak outta their rooms to capture the changing beauty of this Lake. By keeping the importance of your health, you must wear warm sweater, wind chitter, shoes and sock of course and hat too if you are planning to visit lake side very early in the morning. Before reaching Pangong, you would be witnessing monasteries, palaces, villages. You could stop there and explore them and jot down something new in your journal. At every stop you will see tea stall; restaurants to ease your tiredness and energized you for the remaining road headed to Pangong Lake. As for us we took our lunch at Tangtse, the village about 20 Kms away from Pangong. Everything is available there. On our way back to Leh, we witness a whole new picture of mountains covered with snow at Changla Pass, which was not there yesterday. Yes it is cold but nowhere will you see snow in the month of September. In the next blog I will jot down about the accommodations at Pangong Lake.
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