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Date : 13 Jan 2020
Categories: Information

On 7 January 2020 the Administration of Union territory of Ladakh officially announced temporary restriction on Stok Kangri in view of the depletion of Stok Mountain Glacier due to overuse of the Glacier Mountain for expedition and also to overcome the environmental issues, the undersigned hereby imposes temporary restrictions for all sorts of expedition being carried out by any individual on Stok Kangri for the year 2020- 2021. However, the interested individual can choose an alternative expedition on the following passes:-
1. Kangyatse I . 6,496 mtrs
2. Kanyatse II   6,300 mtrs
3. Dzo Jongo     6,214 mtr
Further, a midterm review upon the same shall be taken in the month of September 2021 for further decision.

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