Apricot blossom flower: An alluring beauty

Apricot blossom flower: An alluring beauty
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Date : 25 Apr 2019
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If you are fond of apricot you might also know about apricot blossom flower from which blooms the apricot. The season for apricot blossom flower in Ladakh is from the beginning of April till May. Apricot blossom has the charisma to catch the attention of your eyes.

By the month of July – September they start producing yellow, orange rounded or oval shaped apricot fruits.

There are varieties of apricots grown in Ladakh which differs from one another in taste (sweet, bitter and sour) and that also differs in size. The varieties include Halman, Laktse-Karpo, Safaida and Khanteh etc. Halman and Laktse-Karpo are the most preferred ones for commercial purpose. Apricot products such as apricot juice, apricot jam, apricot etc. are made. The apricots are even exported in international market as well as within India.

Both the fruit and kernel of apricot is believed to be highly nutritive and consumed as either fresh or dried. It has become an essential part of the traditional culture of people in Ladakh. Local people serve dry or fresh apricot as desert. It also has health benefits.  


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