The Opening of India’s first High Altitude Medical and Rescue Centre at Stok Kangri Base Camp

Date : 13 Aug 2018
Categories: Information

The ASC360 Medical unit is arranging the High Altitude Medical and Rescue Centre (HAMRC) at Stok Kangri Base Camp. With the facilities of having qualified doctors with special knowledge about high altitude and extensive trekking. Paramedic and nurse will be available to assist the doctor. The motive behind this initiation is to prevent mishap interms of physical wellbeing of the trekkers and climbers; the medical unit will be stationed at a particular point along the axis of the trek and climb with well equipment and medicines to handle all the medical emergencies, which will be accessible to the trekker or climber. This will benefit the trekkers and mountaineers and support staff and will give them the confidence to undertake the daunting task of climbing. This is indeed challenging yet thrilling venture, but secure this time with the medical assistant. Also with the construction of two temporary helipads to assist in emergency evacuation to Leh, Delhi and Chandigarh is available. Facilities available: 1. Acute Mountain Sickness • Dehydration treatment with IV Fluids • Low Oxygen level with Oxygenà Therapy • High altitude Cerebral Oedeme • High Altitude Pulmonary Oedemass 2. Loose motions and Vomits 3. Respiratory Diseases 4. Trauma • Management of Fractures, Sprains • Surgical treatment of Wounds and cuts including Stitching and Suturing 5. Pain in Abdomen and Hyper Acidity 6. Treatments of Infections with Intravenous Antibiotics 7. Treatment of Shock Syndrome 8. Asthma Treatment with Nebulizer and Inhaled medicines

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