Ladakh Polo Festival

Ladakh Polo Festival
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Date : 03 Jul 2018
Categories: Festival

Are you interested in knowing more about Ladakh and its people? If yes, then the upcoming Polo festival is an ideal platform to expense your knowledge regarding the rich culture and tradition of Ladakh. This upcoming unique polo festival will proudly showcase the age old culture of Ladakh in its purest form, through the folk songs and dance accompanied by Daman and Surna, even in the memory of age old warrior of Ladakh there will be demonstration of Archery games as well. In terms of food, all the traditional cuisine is available, such as Thukpa (Soup noddle), Mok Mok (Dimsum), Chutai(Local Pasta), Kalak(Barley) and so forth. Also handcraft materials like carpet, knitting, embroidery making will also be on display during the festival. The most striking feature of this festival is the unique way of playing the polo, riding on horse the two team aim to score goal. In the name of victory there will be musical accompaniment of Duman and Surna after scoring goals. These numerous activities will provide you the hidden beauty rarely known by the rest of the world. It will happen from 11th to 17th of July, in the serene village of Chuchot locate 18kms away from Leh city. The days will be filled with activities keeping everyone totally invested into it. The main motive behind this grant celebration is to keep the history secure and proudly welcomed the tourists with amble of new things to witness and learn.

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