Sindhu Darshan Festival

Sindhu Darshan Festival
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Date : 05 Dec 2018
Categories: Festival

Sindhu Darshan Festival is earmarked on full moon day from June 12 to 14 for three consecutive days at Shey in Leh. Since the inception of the festival in the month of October 1997, it is celebrated every year with heaps of excitement. The key reason behind the celebration is to promote communal harmony and unity of India. Oodles of people that come from various parts of the country participate in the event. And on an interesting note, they fetch water from their own state in earthenware pots and immerse them in the Sindhu River. Cultural programs bloom with diversity in the festival and a sightseeing tour is organized for the participants. Buddhist prayers as well as pujas are conducted on the occasion. This festival catches the eyes of a lot of tourists, both domestic and foreign. If you happen to be in Ladakh in June, give this festival a chance to light up your tour in Ladakh.

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