Uproar of Rejection

Uproar of Rejection
Author : Jigmet Y.K
Date : 05 Nov 2021
Categories: Information

On the occasion of Union Territory Ladakh Foundation Day on 31st October 2021, the tourism department released its much awaited logo. The logo selection followed a tedious procedure from 29th May 2020, when the department announced an open call for participants to send in their design. The submission date was later extended till 28th January 2021 so that more participants could submit their work of art. And indeed the number of entries increased upto 183 and artists from all over the country participated including the local ones.A separate committee was set up within the department to ease the process of selection. A prize money of Rs. 1 lakh was also announced by the department at the start of this competition. Out of 183 entries, the top 30 entries were shortlisted by the selected committee and they were further forwarded to the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Council (LAHDC) of both Leh and Kargil. 

Even after a year had passed since the entries had taken place, there were still no results in sight. Finally on 31st October 2021, on the occasion of celebration of UT Ladakh Foundation Day, the selected logo was released by Lieutenant Governor of UT Ladakh, Mr. R.K. Mathur. The day of its release was chosen in order to attract a wider audience but instead it caused an uproar of rejection all over Ladakh. The selected logo was designed by Mr. Abhishek Sinha and he was presented with the prize money on the same date in presence of MP of Ladakh Mr. Jamyang Namgyal and other dignitaries. 


Post its release, social media was filled with people’s rejection and resentment towards the new tourism logo. Going through the public’s opinion, one of the main reasons behind its rejection was the simplicity of its design and also lack of local sentiment. The logo seemed to be an abstract art representing the least about Ladakh and its element. People of Ladakh felt no connection with the logo and moreover their disagreement revolved around the lack of its meaning and also about the exclusion of many possible signs & symbols. 

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