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Date : 03 Dec 2021
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 Since December 2019 with the occurrence of the first strain of Corona virus, the whole world had been busy coping with the losses caused by it. And one of the commonest answer for its end, laid in creation of its vaccine. The year 2020 passed by casually in lockdown while the year 2021 showed up with some hope for us. All around the world, there were news about different vaccines showing results in different countries. And India wasn't lagging behind in the race. The Government started its vaccination campaign and step by step it was brought to the ground level execution. Vaccination continued its way likewise its causing virus, both continued forming waves after waves.

Ladakh has a population of not more than 3 lakhs as per 2011 census. Thus the administration put all its strength together to get all vaccinated. With oncoming of new season, people of Ladakh were excited to host tourists for the first time post the pandemic. Despite the obstruction of International flights, Ladakh witnessed a tremendous incoming of domestic tourists from the mainland India. And with the successful vaccination of the region, people were more than confident to open their homes and spaces for these incoming tourists. For the last few months the locals had been busy cherishing their profits and they almost forgot that the COVID still exist and it can still persist to harm lives. 

And as the season closed to its end, only then people came to notice the rising numbers of infected patients. COVID never left, we had only been stalling its effect. The most bothersome quality of any virus is its potential to mutate (in simple words Change). We all must acknowledge that the corona virus that once originated isn't the same type as the type; it exists today among us. It is mutating day by day within population by population and it is getting much more resilient and more contagious than ever. Recently a new variat of it had been found in South Africa and it has been spreading all over the world including India. This new variant was initially named as B.1.1.529, later renamed as Omicron (i.e the 15th Greek letter). 

With these kinds of development in the region, the local administration have come up with new sets of SOP's for the locals as well as for the tourists. The press has been briefed to promote more appropriate behaviour and vaccination. The healthcare department has been screening and tracking locals regarding the status of their vaccination. The airport and roadways will be applying more stringent check up points. There shall be rigorous surveillance of international passengers considering the risks of the new variant Omicron, especially for the passengers travelling from countries that has ben designated as "At Risk". For such passengers, their past travel details will also be reviewed and their samples will be collected and sent for the test as per the protocols provided by MoHFW. The test results brought in with the passengers shouldn't be older than 96 hours and also negative to avoid getting quarantined on arrival. Tourists who arrive Leh without the negative RT-PCR test results shall be obligated to quarantine themselves at their own expenses but if they had been inoculated fully with proper two dosages then they'll be exempted from getting quarantined. 

It isn't the vaccination alone that will cross us across this pandemic but a sense of responsibility on each one us. A  responsibility towards our fellow beings. Keep your mask on and maintain a safe distance. Save yourself and keep safe. 

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