Highlights of Hemis Tsechu

Highlights of Hemis Tsechu
Author :
Date : 13 Jul 2019
Categories: Festival

There are fistfuls of festivals in Ladakh and Hemis festival is one of the most towering and significant monastic festivals in the region. It awakens a large number of curious minds and witnesses. And most importantly for those who come to seek blessings. Hemis Festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava and it means ‘precious master’ in English. Hemis Tsechu takes place in the courtyard of Hemis monastery on the 10th and 11th day of the fifth month of the Tibetan calendar. During the festival, the four-storey thanka of Guru Padmasambhava is hung in the courtyard and other precious thankas are also exhibited. Mask dances exemplify the victory of good over the evil. Be all eyes to the colourful mask dance performances and all ears to sounds of drums, cymbals and more. Colour your travel experiences with a medley of memories and this festival will surely add as one.  

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