Ladakhi Losar

Ladakhi Losar
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Date : 11 Dec 2018
Categories: Festival

Ladakhi New Year (Losar) begins with piles of preparation and heaps of happiness. It is believed that the New Year drives away the evils and brings in prosperity and good wishes. Ladakh displays a blend of aesthetic beauty, alluring adventures, and tranquil calmness. And in the midst of the uplifting serenity, Ladakhi Losar festival is cherished by every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Ladakh. Actually, the Ladakhi Losar and Tibetan Losar fall on the same days. However, there is an interesting story that tells us why Ladakhi Losar is now celebrated two months prior to Tibetan New Year. The story begins when the king of Ladakh, Jamyang Namgyal had decided to set forth for an expedition but was advised by oracles not to do so before Losar. He found the solution by advancing New Year for two months. During Ladakhi New Year, relatives and friends gather to celebrate Losar with huge excitement. As a custom, they visit each other’s house and greet one another. Prayer sessions are conducted in the monasteries. If you are in Ladakh during Losar festival, do not miss this enriching experience to learn more about the beautiful culture!

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